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New Hi-Tech Horizon

We are a Staffing solution Company based in central India. We are one stop solution provider for engineering outsourcing. We have a pool of talented engineering professionals.

Engineer Placement Services

We are hiring Japanese speaking Engineers and skilled workers for job placement in Japan. With multiple opportunities available in many and varied industry sectors.

This opportunity is open to all skilled workers and/or freshers and graduates who are willing to embark on an opportunity and life changing career move.

If you currently have the Japanese Language skill set then please contact us to see what opportunities we can provide.

If you do not have Japanese Skills do join our Language courses to grab a Job opportunity in Japan.

In Japan the demand of foreign workers is huge and it is expected that more than 3 million Jobs available in Japan.

Be in a position to take advantage of these opportunities and undertake a Japanese Language course, to help secure your career and future. NHHJAPAN provide Japanese language training required to enter in Japan.
Keep an eye on our Job postings to know more about the kind of Jobs available with us.

Many foreigners face difficulties during job hunting in Japan as you can see in the graph. But, we are here for you to solve these problems and face it together with you.