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New Hi-Tech Horizon

We are a Staffing solution Company based in central India. We are one stop solution provider for engineering outsourcing. We have a pool of talented engineering professionals.

A Short Overview of TITP Program

TITP is a paid internship program conducted by Japan government. It aims to provide quality training to foreign workers at Japan industries.


Duration: Trained candidates will be sent to Japan for undergoing a technical intern training for 3 – 5 years.


Job Sector: Automobile mechanics, farming, machinery, hotel staffing, clothing, care giver, food processing etc.


Higher salary compare to India.
Chance to learn new skills and techniques of international standards.
Exposure to Japan and its work culture.


NHHJAPAN has tied up with TOKHIMO sending organization and having its own supervising organization in Japan.

Supervising organization in Japan:
エイドワン協同組合(役員名簿代表理事 小池一郎 合同会社AIMジャパン)